Crown Defect



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"In those days people loved each other for their lives, without the conveniences of the divorce court and the psychiatrist." -T.H. White

A message to writers:

If the goal is to create a character that resonates, give your reader reason to passionately love and hate him equally.

Gas Pedant


Slow down, grab the wall
Question the foundations of Descartes’ socratics like you tryna find ontological faults.
So deep, I want to read them all.

Gas Pedant.
Gas Pedant.

Dragon Zacadus

"…to grant my request!"
Taran <3
Cold like Boston

In those early days I would sit in my car with the AC on blast because I knew eventually you would bring us to a gray, wet place that housed a climate I was not used to. But when we first laid in bed together I realized just how warm you were, and in the following days I felt no need to sit freezing for future comfort. And so, in your unavoidable absence, I gradually lost my resilience to the many forms of frigidness.

These days I try to maintain conditions slightly cooler than is pleasant with the knowledge that you won’t always be my personal furnace. Eventually I’ll have to leave our bed for a therapist’s chair opposite a person relying on my warmth, and when I return in the evening we will melt more honestly than before.

How much warmer we’ll both be on our own, together.